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We are a leading supplier of screw shank nails and high strength nails in the Greater Livermore, CA Area.

We offer specialty fasteners including screw shank and high strength nails in Livermore CA. Call 925-443-3065 for the right materials for your project.

Screw Shank Nails

USES: Hy-Tek nails are used for wood-framed connections, wood- structural-panel shear walls and diaphragms; and for engineered connections of wood structural panels to wood framing.

DESCRIPTION: Hy-Tek nails are available in lengths from 2 to 5 inches (50.8 to 127 mm). The top third of the nail length has a smooth shank and the bottom two-thirds has a helical screw shank. Refer to Table 1 for Hy-Tek nail designations, diameters, and tip styles.

The nails are manufactured from SAE J403 low-carbon steel wire, grade 1015-1030. The nails are available with a hot-dip galvanizing coating complying with ASTM A 153, Class D. Hy-Tek nails are supplied in strips, coils or in bulk. Learn More >>

Screw Shank Nails

High Strength Nails

USES: High strength nails are used to fasten steel side plate to lumber, wood and engineered wood materials.

DESCRIPTION: The 0.148-inch diameter high strength nail is a smooth shank nail with a diamond-shaped point at one end and a full round head at the other. The length of nail is 2 inches. It has 0.290-inch diameter head and a diamond tapered tip. The nail has either a polymer or vinyl coating and packaged in collated plastic strips or in bulk. Learn More >>

High Strength Nails

High Strength Nail @ Blank Strap

High Strength Nail @ Blank Strap with Embossed

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