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We are a leading supplier of screw shank nails and high strength nails in the Greater Livermore, CA Area.

Located in Livermore CA, we sell skrew shank & high strength nails for a wide range of construction and building applications. Call 925-443-3065 today.

Hy-Tek Fasteners of Livermore, California serves nationwide with specialty fasteners. When working in the construction industry, you depend on the precision and strength of fasteners to withstand the stress of your building. We offer a comprehensive selection of fasteners including high strength and skrew shank nails. If you have a residential or commercial project that requires specific nails or fasteners, give our knowledgeable staff a call today at 925-443-3065.

At Hy-Tek Fasteners, we provide not only quality nails, but the best nails for the right application. What separates us from other companies is our experience in wood construction, our vast knowledge on different types of wood applications, and our knowledge with the code requirements. We understand that different types of construction projects demand different types of fasteners depending on what type of materials are being used, the weight of these materials, and the environment the fasteners will be used in. Contact us to specify the right fastener for the right project.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top-quality fasteners for the right application. To do that, we go the extra mile by performing an in-house quality inspection of our products. This ensures that the consumer is not only getting the quality nail, but the best nail possible for the project.

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